Our Story

The premier flooring suppliers in New Plymouth

Since 1927, Tudor Flooring has been providing expert and specialist flooring solutions to all kinds of people: from the public sector, private homes and cooperate world, Tudor Flooring has your flooring needs covered! Situated in beautiful New Plymouth, our team has been furnishing your needs with a wide and varied range of options and choices making us the specialists and experts in flooring. From supplying, designing, customizing, and installation our family-owned and operated company will dedicate itself to providing you with the best flooring solutions at the lowest possible prices and make your projects and ideas a reality.

Family owned and operated

The genius partnership of Kevin and Shirley Crisp is the backbone of our family-owned and operated business. For over 40 years, Kevin and Shirley have been contributing their expertise in interior design, material science, and all of the factors that make up our thriving company. Our sales consultants provide a creative and innovative means of color matching and interior design so that you can be sure that your new floor will look absolutely perfect wherever it needs to be and in any situation.

Our professional team of flooring technician have over 25 years of flooring experience, provide you with expert knowledge and experience so that you can ensure that your floor is correctly laid and installed. Overall, our team at Tudor Flooring will provide you with the utmost service and satisfaction in all your flooring needs.


In our 40 years in the job, the team at Tudor Flooring has scored themselves a valuable and solid reputation, both in the community and in the commercial world. Our honest, intuitive, and pertinent service has won us the industry and nationally renowned Cavalier Bremworth ‘Dealer of the Year’ award in 2009. We were also honored with the equally renowned and prestigious ‘2010 Distinguished Achiever for Customer Service’. Here at Tudor Flooring, customer service is paramount, and our focus. We seek to provide you the best in customer service and satisfaction, all the way through your experience with Tudor Flooring!

Our Service

Our sales and service team are determined to give you their very best, providing you with color matching, interior design, and essential information and support. We strive to provide you with the finest, high-quality flooring options and materials, and we work with the manufacturer to ensure that you get the best products at the lowest prices. We work closely with your budget and desire to demonstrate to you an innovative and apt solution to your needs. Call us today to book a free quote!