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Our product range has a load of different styles and materials to suit all your needs and desires. The team at Tudor Flooring provides a free consultation service, where we can guide you to pick the exact style and material you need for your new floor. Our range includes a number of styles, colours, and materials across a number of different brands to suit your budget. If you need a particular style or want to view our excellent and varied range, drop down to our store or drop us a line! We will be more than happy to help you out and our staff will lend a friendly ear and a trained eye to your needs. Tudor Flooring are happy to provide you with a free, in-depth, and analytic consultation to find exactly what you need!


Do you have a need for some new flooring? Does your old carpet look a bit old and tired? Come check out our range! We can offer you a huge number of brands here at Tudor Flooring! Our vast range includes Bremworth (formerly Cavalier Bremworth), Bremworth Collection, Victoria Carpets, Feltex, Godfrey Hirst, Robert Malcolm, Artisan, Creative Flooring, Polyflor, Tarkett, Karndean, Studio, Forté Flooring, Lifestyle Floors, Expona, Belgotex (formerly Irvine). Inspiration Brands throughout our showroom. Our vast range includes every kind of style to suit every kind of budget, and we can work with you to get the best possible price on our luxurious and fantastic brands.


(Formerly Irivine’s international flooring)